Wednesday, April 30


Today's Thursday and the colour of the week is Red/Pink
Red has been my favourite colour forever.
The Red Book. An ongoing project which my friend the illustrator Priya and I are participating in. We have two identical red books, in its pages are being created a visual conversation, there are elaborate exchanges of the books from time to time so the conversations hop scotch between the two red books.My keys.
R marks his territory with candy wrappers. He's partial to Maha Lacto made by Nutrine. The black sofa and four remote controls are all his territory when he's home.
Red is of special significance in India. Its an auspicious colour. These are little pouches for jewellery. A decade or more back, small pieces of jewellery were wrapped in magenta tissue paper and put into a box by the jeweller, I'm sure that still happens in the villages. Magenta and Fuschia are the pinks which are characteristic of India.I think it was Zandra Rhodes who said Magenta is the Navy Blue of India.
I've stayed up past midnight so its officially Thursday when I publish this post.Its a holiday today and we are off early for a four day break in the Nilgiris.I'm wondering what to do about Blue which is the colour for Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hello there! Was quite dazzled with all the colour and many of the objects are familiar. The Nilgiris will be so refreshing. Have fun!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Piyo, all about the Nilgiris in posts to come.

Magpie Sue said...

Obviously I should have put you on my "Favorites" list a long time ago! I LOVE the idea behind this red book exchange. I have a friend I'd like to do that with... I just wonder if she would be up to it.

I also have to say how much I admire and envy you for your blog descriptor, "Creative outpourings of the stitch obsessed." Wish I'd thought of that! (Of course, I didn't realize quite how stitch obsessed I was going to be when I started my blog.)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The Red Book is currently undergoing a little lull in progress, Priya & I like to think its the summer heat that's sapping us of our creative energies.Its great to look through the pages, I thik you should go ahead and try it with your friend, with no deadlines its a WIP which will reach completion someday and its a wonderful body of work to refer to and cherish for a long long time to come.