Tuesday, November 30

Coconut Palms

Ruth has received the page I made for her tree themed book so I can reveal it here.
Johoanna your page is almost done, I'll have R post it to you in the next couple of days.
Still in catch up mode with the Travelling Pages, Ann I've chosen the fairytale for your page and planned it too just have to get down to executing it during the ten day trip I'm going off on tomorrow.
I think I'm back to posting more regularly because there's quite a bit that's been achieved in terms of work during these periods I disappear with no access to the internet. So dear readers and followers of this blog you can expect another post in a few days and hopefully that momentum will be maintained for sometime to come.

Monday, November 8

Meandering and Criss-Crossing

Travelling on projects and criss crossing Kerala, I've found time to stitch a million little stitches into two scarves I embroidered last month. I name my scarves and these two are Meander and Criss-Cross.
Meander - Open Chain Stitch.
The scarves usually have rolled edges but I decided to experiment with a raw edge.
Criss - Cross
Criss-cross is all about Blanket stitch,running stitch and sequins.
The raw edge finish has really caught my fancy.
Travel is on the cards again this month and the scarf I'm working on at present will go along.
A couple more million stitches the results will be there for you to see by the end of the month.

I'd like to thank the tribe of 170 followers of Million Little Stitches for their unwavering support of a blog where the posting has become quite chaotic but I hope that will change in the near future and I can go back to posting at least once a week.