Thursday, January 29

TAST - Running Stitch

Starting where I left off with the Take a Stitch on Tuesday at the end of last year , I give you Running Stitch. Five stitches to complete and catch up.

Friday, January 23

Expressions in Stitch

Image from NovemberMoon
This is a "handwritten" piece done by Cathy Cullis. You need to see the stitched prose-poem Favourite Dress Day.
Thank-you Fiona for sharing.

Image Ilaria Margutti
The exhibition - Mend of Me by Ilaria Margutti. Very interesting I like the chairs trapped in thread, the Mend of Me images are a bit disturbing but then I'm one of those who had to be chased after and held when it came to getting an injection!

Its a long weekend and I'm going to be travelling.Have a good weekend.

Monday, January 19

Cups of Tea

Read about sharing images of your morning cup on Robyn's blog and decided to do the same.Batteries were low and this is the result.The first cup of tea in the mornig is a cup of green tea - Korakundah Organic green tea.
A second cup is with milk and sugar - conventional cup of chai drunk while getting started with the day's work. It was Pongal last week and this year too I made Ven pongal and Chakra pongal and we had a group of friends come over for brunch. That's my recipe book where I make a note of who came and what was different each year for the Pongal brunch.I know the quantity of Pongal I make each year is getting progressively larger each year.

Here's a look at a scarf I'm making which I like to call Encrustation. Its a beautiful colour this tussar scarf - a bluey grey, the photograph doesn't quite capture it.

Thursday, January 15

Paper Boats

Make me a paper boat!
In 2008 there was CyberFyber and 2009 there's Paper Boats.This is exciting I'm sure you'll want to get involved.
I came across this on Julie's blog Mixed Media .

Monday, January 5


I hope the road ahead this year is as fantastic as the one in the picture.This is the road down from Ooty to Gudalur and one stretch has these awesome towering eucalyptus trees.Its a road traversed a good twenty years or so back so there were parts I remembered clearly, names of places I'd forgotten but remembered the instant I saw a board and there were changes, improvement as well as signs of neglect.
The highlight of the trip was the sighting of a Tiger in the Bandipur forest on 31st evening. Unexpected, by chance and simply spell binding for all of three mintues. This was the first sighting for R and me and the first photo opportunity of the big cat for our friends who have captured the encounter with their brand of unparalled wildlife photography.See it all here.

Have you seen a tiger in the wild?Where did you encounter the tiger and what was the experience like?