Friday, November 5

Upcycled origami bag

In my stash was bits and pieces of jeans. I had salvaged them from a bin at the fashion institiute I used to teach at in another lifetime. 
I found a pattern for an origami bag which I could hand sew and decided to use the bits of denim and make an applique and patchwork bag. 
Blanket stitch all around and a whip stitch for the parts which had to be joined. 
The pieces of denim have been appliqued onto part of the king size bed sheet which I still have pieces of .
It's a very large and roomy bag. 
I've appliqued some rust dyed circles onto the bag.

I rediscovered sorbello stitch and couldn't stop doing rows of it as a form of embellishment all over the bag.
Will keep this bag for shopping. I need something smaller that will work like a handbag.