Tuesday, April 28

Little Red Book Revisited

It's been a while since the Little Red Book was featured. A variety of pages have been completed and I'm pleased to report the Red Book literally bulges and bursts with creativity. Yes, I voted.

Beer and Biryani work well together and these two pages go to prove no opportunity to binge on the duo has been passed up.

The Black Add Gel pen is a must have.
Pigeons roost in the buildings of the apartment complex and I collect feathers on my morning walks.
That's cross -stitch. I must show you the progess I've made with the heart sampler.
Exploring negative and positive. There is a negative which I must show you.

If you are new to the Little Red Book concept then read more about this wonderful collaborative project here and here.
For more eye candy there is a little slide show of pages from the Little Red Book on the side bar of my blog and one on The Plum Tree too.
Then there is the Red Book Exchange which is an integral part of the artistic process which Priya faithfully documents and posts from time to time. It involves food, now if that whets your appetite you can get a peek of the ritual here and here.

Thursday, April 23

Vote for change

Get out that vote.No excuse is good enough. If you're eligible then be the change you want and do your bit.

This line of adverts are fantastic. Visit the web site. There's never been as much awareness created about the need to vote and ones right to vote ever before.Its campaigning by various parties using SMS, recored phone messages, the radio, television and all manner of print media, so you can't say you didn't know! "Simply vote maadi"that's the mantra.

Thursday, April 16

Waiting for April Showers

Its hot with not a cloud in the sky, so as I wait for April showers let me show you what I have been upto.
ATC's for the 2009 swap on Stitchinfingers.I think everybody has recieved theirs so I can show you a picture of what I created.
Gina and Juliette have conspired and created a monthly swap, so if you are a fibre fiend here's your opportunity to explore a new format. More information here. A glass of lime juice is the best thirst quencher when the mercury touches 35 or there abouts and continues to rise. I've been crocheting these glass covers for my glass of lime juice and wondering ...... would anyone buy them if I started an Etsy shop. Would you? ( See Priya I'm actually working towards the Etsy shop ,this is the market survey) Obsessively making graphs of heart patterns. I've got enough to start a second sampler!!!! I've come to conclude with all the hours of blog hopping that the form of the heart is number one in the fibre world. Grapes to make homemade wine. It will get made tonight.
Finally I need to give credit to the invert tool in photoshop which provided me with a couple of hours of fun and the pictures in this post.

Wednesday, April 8

ATC swap on Stitchinfingers

Gina set up another swap for the Textile Artists Trading Group on Stitchinfingers .The first in 2009. Let me show you what I've recieved in the mail the past week.Such a pleasant experience because the mail these days usually contains only bills and junk mail.

This ATC made by Susan Monk in the UK has been made with a paper napkin , isn't that amazing. Susan sent a length of bias tape with hearts on it - how did Susan know I'm currently obsessed with hearts?
This one is from Mary Lou in Ontario, Canada. The tiny discs and wheels you see are watch parts.My first swap with someone in Canada.

This is the third ATC from Gina in my modest collection of ATC's.