Thursday, September 26

Fibre to Fabric - An exhibition at Madder Moon, Singapore

On display at Madder Moon, Singapore are my embellished fragments. This is a group show of fiber artists from Singapore and India. 
Delighted to be exhibiting my work alongside such talented artists.
I chose to represent the cultural mix of people of different diverse ethnic backgrounds through their proverbs. The ethnic diversity of Malay, Chinese, Tamil and many more makes Singapore such a vibrant lively place.

Patchwork, applique and embroidery went into making this piece. The material used is tussar silk. 
A Murukku is a savoury crunchy treat which is usually in a spiral form. There are a number of different types made by Tamilians who hail from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. So I've embroidered names of the different types of Murukku in the Tamil script.  

There are Singaporean proverbs too I discovered. 

A Malay proverb. Tussar silk, patchwork in a boro style and embroidery.(This piece has been featured in the Straits Times Life, 27th September 2013 - An Hour@ the Museum)

Fiber to Fabric opened on  24th September and is there to view at Madder Moon until 5th October.
Do drop in if you are in Singapore and want to be culturally enriched!

Madder Moon
16 Ann Siang Road,
01 -01 Singapore,
Singapore 069696

Phone + 65 6225 2435

More pics of the show here on Facebook.

Sunday, September 22

Bead seller in Besant Nagar

The bead seller who will customise for you.
bead jewellery. 
colour, size and texture - you're spoilt for choice.

The bead seller wears fancy bead anklets made by a friend.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, September 11

Tussar silk boro

This tussar silk boro began way back in 2012. Take a look at the beginnings here. It languished for a quite a while before it found its way into my handbag along with an assortment of tussar silk scraps and embroidery thread to be worked on while I waited in airport lounges and got curious glances, or got up early while on holiday. It grew and got embroidered on.   

Those lines sum up rather nicely what results from being isolated with  scraps of fabric, a needle and some thread.
The whole piece. It's not complete my intuition tells me, I'm waiting for that flash of inspiration.


How is your week? Any flashes of intuition?
I'm working feverishly on some embroidered proverbs for a show at the end of the month. I might have something to show next week.

Thursday, September 5

Tea - A Fiber Book - Page from Susie

Apologies, about not posting on this blog but I'm getting back on track.  
 Here's my latest page  for my fiber book on Tea which I received from Susie.
Don't you love those little ceramic cups? Equisite details which I really appreciate.
This is the back of the page. Teaspoons of sugar. Delightful.
Susie thank you for this beautifully detailed page.