Thursday, January 31

The Crazy Quilt Journal

I participated in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 and I decided that the crazy quilt block made each month would accompany and wherever possible highlight the events which were my life in 2012.
All the pages were stitched into a fibre journal of 2012. I recycled fabric from laundry bags for the pages and the fabric of a pair of lightweight denim trousers was used to make the cover. Cardboard from cereal boxes were sandwiched between the pages to give better shape to the pages and most of the fabrics and embellishments were from my stash or my mum's stash. Its amazing how much you can find in your home if you set out to look around.  
The pages and the covers have a raw edge.The raw edge has become a signature of my work. It features in my scarves too.
The page for July.
This one is for August. I tried to keep up with the TAST challenge in an informal manner and incorporated a stitch I found interesting into the Crazy Quilt block or the journal page from time to time.
I've started making fibre books in 2008 and the Crazy Quilt Journal Project counts as my fifth fibre book.
Each fibre book is unique and has a special meaning for me. 
There will be yet another fibre book created in 2013. Its going to be a fibre book page swap based on a theme which I hope will start next month.

Here are the links to the individual pages in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012 if you'd like a more detailed look.

The Take it Further fibre book, the two volumes of Take a Stitch Tuesday and the fibre book on Leaves  are on show at Madder Moon in Singapore through February so if you happen to be there go leaf through these fibre books.
Madder Moon, 16 Ann Siang Road, 01-01, Singapore 069696.

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Marta Brysha said...

Maya, that is truly gorgeous. I wish I could pick it up and flick through its colourful pages. I love the 3rd photo down that shows several pages from a top down perspective. It gives a little hint of what it might be like to casually flip through the pages. Just delightful

pumpernickel said...

Oh, so wonderful to see all the pages and the finished book. It's an incredible achievement. I love the stitch which looks like multicoloured fireworks.

Sujata Shah said...

Wow! Wow! I am forever impressed. Great work. Can;t wait to share your blog with my friends who loves hand stitching!

Trillian As said...

Love your fiber book it's brilliant.

sagar zond said...

It's just vry interesting,😍😍😍

sagar zond said...

It's just very interesting

Unknown said...

This is so awesome Do you gave a tutorial on binding your books?