Friday, May 31

The National Weaving School at Te Puia

I last posted in February and the months have flown and after three months I've finally got a chance to update Million Little Stitches.
There's much that has happened and I have matter for at least five posts but I have been travelling and we have been hosting a number of guests. I'm hoping to catch up with my blogging in June.

Our travels took us to New Zealand. In Rotorua I got to visit the National Weaving School.       
It's good to see that traditional Maori weaving, processing of flax and dyeing are being passed on to younger people who are keeping the traditional practices alive.

A variety of products for various uses are made with the flax.
The Weaving school space is decorated with so many objects suspended from the roof all made with natural materials. 
Students and teachers work at tables quietly conversing and are happy to answer your questions. One can't walk into the space and examine what they are working on. Which is a pity because I had a number of questions.
 There is a gallery where the work of the students are displayed beautifully and available for sale.
 A number of bags called Kete in Maori.

 Intersting use of materials and colours.
 Garments or fashion accessories.
These appear to be like stoles or capes.
 Modern interpretation of something traditional.

 New Zealand is a beautiful country,one can drive all day and see only sheep and cattle and no human beings, everything is orderly and people follow traffic rules. A huge contrast to India which is teeming with people, chaotic and so diverse. In India one still sees the use of traditional textiles in everyday life but other than this weaving school and the gallery I did not see traditional woven Maori textiles anywhere.
The quality of the photographs aren't the best as they were taken with my mobile phone.
Have a great weekend. Hope to have another post up earl next week.
Take care.