Thursday, May 28

Mapping Moments & Memories

I haven't abandoned this blog. Just been up till late in the night all this month watching the IPL , actually R does the watching while I labour at my second heart sampler.Its almost complete but I decided there's been just too much about hearts on this blog of late and to show you a progress shot would simply bore you to tears. So I've decided to show you a little amulet bag I made up of seed beads and bugle beads.
You didn't know about the beady side of me now did you? This little amulet bag holds passport sized photographs of my nephews so in a way I'm mapping their progress as each year passes. From time to time I remove the contents of the amulet bag and see how the two chubby cheeked babies have grown -one reads Geronimo Stilton, plays soccer and is learning the piano and the other has discovered fashion and the need to be cool ,plays the guitar and both , true to their generation shall not be parted for too long from a device which has a screen and a keyboard be it the television, mac book, ipod, mobile or various gaming devices.
Cross - stitching hearts late into the night got me thinking about ways of mapping my days and the neighbourhood. I have a diary into which movie tickets are stuck,due dates for payment of utilities are noted and little recipes are written down. The diaries are treasured possessions but to have to go through diaries 1997 to 2005 to find the recipe for wine or Syrian beef fry each time I decide to make them was getting a tad tiresome so I decided to start my food journal. For all of you who are saying "recipe book" it's not just a recipe book. Its more, its interesting articles about food, its SMSes exchanged between friends about food and like Ven pongal and Chakra pongal which has become a tradition every year on February 14Th, I make a note of who came to share brunch with us that year.

In the wee hours of today while watching the Champions League match between Barcelona and Manchester United and multi tasking as usual I decided there had to be a better, more elaborate way of mapping moments in my day. It deserves more attention, the diary tradition will continue but a journal to express my thoughts about matters and moments in my day is going to be a new project. Does it deserve a blog all its own? Maybe. In the meantime I'm looking forward to interacting with the Next Gen Nephews in July to understand the "cool" quotient of things. They see things so differently I wonder how they will map their memories?

Tuesday, May 12

Heart sampler is now complete.

Ta-dah! the heart sampler I've been working on is complete.

Wondering whether it needs a border to tie it all up neatly. What do you think?

The net has thrown up so many heart motifs which I couldn't just leave as graphs so I've decided to make a second one. I'm sure there will motifs enough to make a hundred but I'll stop at two, besides I have limited wall space to display them on.