Monday, February 22

Something I've been juggling

Here's one of the many project's I've been juggling and it got done last night.
This is in the midst of cooking up a storm and getting the house back to some semblance of what it was a month back so R will recognise it when he gets back tomorrow after a month of snow storms and freezing weather in NJ.

This is for my mother.
She has had the words of this little prayer for over twenty years now and wanted it to grace the entryway to the house.

I think the quilt motifs cross stitched on muslin adds to the whole homespun feel. The motifs are also so appropriate. There are a number of feral cats who live on the veranda of the house and my parents feed them. I hear there's a new litter somewhere in the neighbourhood. The basket motif is symbolic of my mum's green thumb and all the fruit which the garden produces.
Now I have to get it framed in time for my mum's birthday next month.
OK the kitchen beckons,extreme juggling on the culinary front will take another day to abate.
Happy juggling all that needs doing in the week ahead.

Thursday, February 18

TAST Thorn Stitch

At some point every second post was a stitch from Take a Stitch Tuesday. Now with the end in sight I find I'm juggling at least five different projects but I'm hanging in there, coasting along.
Some projects which will be completed thanks to my juggling skills shall be revealed next week maybe earlier if I can take juggling to the next level.
How has your week been? Any extreme juggling involved? Tell me about it.

Friday, February 12

Footloose and Fancy Free

A small hand stitch mixed media book.4 inches x 9 inches.(10cms x 22 1/2 cms)

Inspired by the footloose pigeons who roost on ledges and air conditioning units.
Pigeon feathers. Gathered on morning walks.
Small hand stitched books are on my mind. Ideas simmering.
Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 9

The Traveling pages for January

I can now show you the pages sent and recieved for the Story of the Traveling Pages.
The first leaf in my Book of Leaves has been created by Kath in Greece. Lots of texture and embroidery. Don't miss the couched treatment along the edge of the page.Juliette, I'm relieved to say has recieved the page I made for her.I was keeping my fingers crossed it wouldn't go astray. The theme was The Seashore and I decided to depict The Shore temple at Mamallapuram. Must say I've started using unconventional material and really enjoyed it. Its got me thinking out of the box and the results are encouraging - crushed brown paper for the rocks, the cardboard for the catamarans and oil pastels to add colour to sea and sky.
To get a better look at the details click on the images to get an enlarged view.
Made a pocket on the back of the page with the plastic coated foil the muesli comes in. I found an article in a back issue of Jetwings on the rock sculptures of Mamallapuram and put that into the pocket along with a little note for Juliette.
For February I'm working on a page for Carmen and the theme is Castles.
Visit The Story of the Traveling Pages to see more pages participants in this swap have created.

Friday, February 5

The First Volume of Take a Stitch Tuesday

There you are the first volume of four. The second volume is being put together as I type.
TAST 2 begins March 3 so volumes three and four are still a year away.
Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 2

Did you see the moon on Saturday night?

It was big ,bright and full . Some others noticed it too and mentioned it on their blogs here and here and this has me inspired.