Tuesday, February 9

The Traveling pages for January

I can now show you the pages sent and recieved for the Story of the Traveling Pages.
The first leaf in my Book of Leaves has been created by Kath in Greece. Lots of texture and embroidery. Don't miss the couched treatment along the edge of the page.Juliette, I'm relieved to say has recieved the page I made for her.I was keeping my fingers crossed it wouldn't go astray. The theme was The Seashore and I decided to depict The Shore temple at Mamallapuram. Must say I've started using unconventional material and really enjoyed it. Its got me thinking out of the box and the results are encouraging - crushed brown paper for the rocks, the cardboard for the catamarans and oil pastels to add colour to sea and sky.
To get a better look at the details click on the images to get an enlarged view.
Made a pocket on the back of the page with the plastic coated foil the muesli comes in. I found an article in a back issue of Jetwings on the rock sculptures of Mamallapuram and put that into the pocket along with a little note for Juliette.
For February I'm working on a page for Carmen and the theme is Castles.
Visit The Story of the Traveling Pages to see more pages participants in this swap have created.


Tia said...

Oh WOW how beautiful and WHAT a beautiful idea ! I`m not very good at sewing only for that Id be delighted to participate !

bigBANG studio said...

oh my gosh, these are UNBELIEVABLE. and they travel all over the world? i didn't understand that part before! this is *so* inspiring.

you're getting me thinking...

every heard of the dadaist concept of the exquisite corpse? if not google it...might be an interesting idea to do it in THREAD.

and thanks for the VERY SWEET notes about the paintings/show! xoxo!!!