Thursday, November 17

Stitch along and Crazy quilt block for July.

 These are the pages for July. Flamingos we don't have or get to see in the Nilgiris but I have memories of seeing flamingos in Tanzania.
The Crazy quilt block for July. The fabric with red and gold on the right is from my wedding saree. A beautiful red kanjivaram saree my mother bought for me because she knows I love red.The purple fabric with the embroidered floral motif is a from of traditional Indian embroidery called Kasuti.
Time is racing ahead. The year is coming to an end. This year has been a year in transition - transition between living in an urban area and moving to a rural place, transitioning and using up most of my stock of materials and thread which I acquired while living in Bangalore and looking to my natural surroundings for the materials for my work going forward.
This fabric book will be one which has elements from both worlds. The cross stitch motifs most months with the exception of flamingos are from the world I currently inhabit. We have bears, our pet cat Pepper,our doggie Blackie. it's uncanny how much like their colouring the motifs in the pattern are. I didn't change the colours so that they resemble our pets.
 The crazy quilt blocks are made with fabrics and embellishments from my stash which I acquired while living in Bangalore.
Miles to go before this year ends.