Wednesday, May 10

The 100 day stitch book challenge - A bouquet of flowers

For the 100 day project this year I decided to join the Stitch book challenge hosted by @annwood.
Got the 20 pages of size 5.5"×7" cut and ready before the start date of 20th Jan 2023.
I was excited to learn a new method of assembling a fabric book - the slot and tab method.
I didn't have a theme in mind.
Going through my stash A floral theme emerged.
My sleepy companion - Gin the Calico cat ­čÉł. 
Kasuti embroidery swatches from a project I did years ago in Hubli, Karnataka. 

Flowers my mum embroidered on a silk peasant blouse. The fragile silk tore but I saved the exquisite embroidery and I'm glad it found a place in the pages of this book.
I have cross stitched motifs , initially intended to be converted into Christmas ornaments but they worked with the theme so some found their way into the book.

The first page I made. The Blackwork butterfly was in my needlebook for a few years but I think she's happier amongst the pretty flowers.
Salvaged from a block printed bedspread in my mum's house.
From my mum's top.
My cousin Esther contributed many floral themed swatches in this book.
The yellow sprig and ladybug are my sister's clever way to mend a tear in her trousers. Many tears later when it was te to let go the trousers I decided that clever bit of mending had to live on in the pages of my book.
Suffolk puffs. My first attempt making them.

This page took the longest with all those French knots.
Another piece contributed by my cousin Esther.

The 20 hand embroidered and appliqued pages. 
Starting to assemble the pages.
Ann Wood has all the instructions with pictures so one can create a book using the slot and tab method. She is most generous in making it free. Much appreciated Ann, thank you.
The pages on top have a slot and the ones below have tabs.
Hand sewn pages ready to assemble.
The completed book.
A fabric book after ages and I'm so delighted with the Bouquet of Flowers.