Monday, June 11


Keeping up, just about. Here's the crazy quilt block for May. I've used a collection of mother of pearl buttons. The square one and the one which looks like a flower are part of the giveaway I won on Pat's blog. The three tiny round ones are from a Zara top which belonged to my sister.
The top right hand corner is a piece of fabric I experimented with tea and rust and the fabric in the centre is a Shibori experiment with tea and a cast iron vessel.       
Here's the CQJP and the journal page which accompanies it.
The journal page for May.
Must get started on the CQJP for June. I need to have seven blocks done by the end of August if I want to continue to have a page on the CQJP 2012 site. 
Have a good week.

Wednesday, June 6


Navaratna or Nine stones for the Magic Feather Project.
They will be winging their way to Jude tomorrow.
Read about the Magic Feather Project here and you could follow its progress on Facebook too.

Did you witness the transit of Venus? Cloudy pre monsoon morning in Bangalore didn't permit me to see this much talked about spectacle.