Monday, June 27

The Amulet - An edition of three altered books

The Amulet- an edition of three altered books are complete.
 Feathers, ink and sequins adorn some pages.
There are pockets to hold a letter, a key or photographs.

 There's wisdom.

 Words to bolster the spirits.

  Texture and pattern.

A couple of blank pages to personalise the amulet and make it your own.

I've covered the outer cover of the book with indigo dyed fabric and attached my label.
The outer edge of the pages have been stitched with blanket stitch and the remaining thread has been left to create a little tail. The tail reminds me of a faithful dog and the Amulet is meant to be like a constant companion one keeps with them at all times tucked into a pocket or purse to provide protection and a sense of well being.

The Amulets are bound for an exhibition of artists books and books made by artist in August. Will share more details at a later date. Have to get on with the creation of two more books I have in mind.

Hope you're busy with projects which are bringing you much satisfaction as you scale new artistic heights.