Wednesday, January 18

Week 2 of a Year of Stitches

 9th January. A second black work dragonfly. One is not enough.
10th January. A buttonhole wheel flower.
 11th January.I decided to make a small cluster.
 12th January.
13th January.
 14th January. Needed something,so I decided to add a circle of french knots.
 15th January.
I like the way this spontaneous stitching is coming along.

Sunday, January 8

1 Year of Stitches

The first post this year and I'm excited about participating in the challenge - 1 Year of  Stitches.
In one line the challenge is about filling a 12" hoop with embroidery, a stitch, a line or a motif everyday.
 1st January. I started off with a red bullion stitch rose.
2nd January. Decided to add a ring of french knots and bullion stitches around the rose.
I don't use a hoop for my embroidery so I decided to mark a circle 12"in diameter. I'll be filling this space with embroidery.
 3rd January. Chain stitch around the circumference of the 12" circle.
4th January. I plan to fill the circle with flowers and insects and try my hand at Brazilian embroidery and some Stumpwork so that the forms stand out in relief.   
5th January. I'm just adding elements as I go along. I have no plan.
 6th January.
 7th January. First flower is done.
8th January. We had a lot of dragon flies in October here in Welaro so I decided to embroider a Blackwork dragonfly.
That's one week's worth of embroidery and I'm quite pleased with the way it's progressing.
How has the first week of January been for you? 

Monday, January 2

Faith, Hope and Love

makes all things possible.
makes all things work.
makes everything beautiful.
May you have an abundance of all three and more everyday in 2017.

I made these little origami boxes and put chocolates in them for guests staying at Welaro. Put it on the breakfast table on 1st morning. They were appreciated.
I'm going to try and post more frequently on this blog. I have one WIP and another project which I've got involved in so there's going to be sufficient fodder for posts.
Good wishes for a happy and fulfilling year ahead.