Friday, May 31

Tea - A Fiber Book - Page from Teresa

The second page for my book on Tea is from Teresa.

Friday, May 24

An African Proverb

Its mosquito season here in Bangalore and I'm reminded every evening that small things can make a difference.

This is the next Textile Fragment I've completed. Soft lightweight denim onto which I've appliqued block printed flowers cut out of a curtain and some up and down button hole stitch as added embellishement. Chain stitched proverb.

So much to do but all those things are getting done bit by bit.

Have a great weekend.

Monday, May 20

Tea - A Fiber Book - page from Helen

 My fiber book in the 2013 fiber book page swap is based on the theme - Tea. I have a long association with tea. The first page I've received is from Helen in South Africa.
The page is made of tea bags stitched onto a shiny voile fabric and there are all manner of teapots inspired by flowers and vegetables attached to the teabags. Its a fantastic page which the photograph doesn't do justice to.  
Helen has sent me a tea bag of organic Rooibos tea to taste. I'll be saving the packet to make a page of different tea bag packets. 
A postcard of Table Mountain. Helen is lucky to get this fantastic view from certain rooms in her home.
Thank you Helen, its the beginning of a great book.

Thursday, May 16

Looking for Roy G Biv 2 - Green

The Wenlock downs in Ooty is where the Ooty Gymkhana is.
Hole number thirteen at the Wellington Gymkhana. I couldn't find anyone to explain the Slender Waist or Micheal Green's words. 
 Spinach rice and Goan Prawn curry.

Tunnels of green make the summer heat somewhat bearable when you are out and about. 

Tuesday, May 7

Textile Fragment

This long silence was not planned or intentional, it just happened that way.
During the long silence I completed this textile fragment. 
I kept it in a pocket in my handbag and took it out to work on when I had to wait anywhere for a prolonged period of time.
It grew with additions of fabric, applique and embroidery until I felt it was complete.
There are pieces of cotton, tussar silk, cotton silk. Cotton which has been block printed, cotton stitched and dyed with tea and silk on which I've experimented with discharge. 

I like to think of it as a textile art boro fabric.