Monday, September 24

August CQJP

This space has been a tiny bit quiet but work is being done slowly one stitch at a time. Here's the Crazy Quilt block I created for August. Oranges, greens and whites - the colours of the Indian flag, August 15 India celebrated 65 years of Independence.  
The buffet Onam sadya at Coconut Grove was awesome. Can't imagine someone trying to cook like that at home - there must have been about fifty dishes and four payasams. 

The floral decoration made for Onam has been recreated on the journal page for August with beads and sequins. Our home is progressing, its the first time for R and me so there's so much to learn and understand but we're excited. 

September has been hectic but enjoyable.

Thank you for your comments and for choosing to follow this blog, to see the number of followers steadily increase is something I truly appreciate. Have a great week.  

Thursday, September 6

Globe Trotting

Globe Trotting is the next scarf in the Travel and Maps collection.
The route maps of airlines in inflight magazines inspired the patterning on this scarf.
The Cable Chain Stitch, Running stitch and Sequins provide subtle texture, which is the main characteristic of this scarf.