Thursday, August 25

What happened to August

I last posted in July and now its almost the end of August!
August has gone past in a flash..... wow. A month of hectic activity and travel.
I was in Kerala at the beginning of the month conducting an embroidery workshop for thirty women. I usually get the participants to start a sampler on the first day so I can assess what embroidery stitches they know, their skill level and its a surface for them to practise the stitches I introduce to them. This is my sampler. It was a good workshop and I don't get to say that very often.
There's been a lot of travel and time with family. My teenage nephew has educated me about the electric guitar and rock music which he's extremely passionate about. Did you know there are people who would list guitar tech as their profession? I didn't know. My ignorance regarding all things related to electric guitars was shocking to say the least but Z was kind enough to show me YouTube videos to explain a technique or demonstrate them if he could. Shredding, Floyd Rose the Wah Wah pedal and Steve Vai. Glimpses into a whole different world. Amazing.
I've also been working on a small commission which I'm happy to report is now labelled, appropriate packaging created, tags designed and attached and ready for delivery.
There's more travel next week, this time to work on a painting and sketching commission. I'm looking forward to it because I'll be going to the Blue Mountains.