Thursday, September 25

TAST - Couching

That's the Couching sample. Still trying to catch up with TAST but there's a little break for about a month which I'm looking forward to.Should be up to date with TAST by the time Cinzia gets back from her holiday in Italy and starts posting the stitches each week.
I've couched down foil from a bar of chocolate, curly bits of plastic ribbon from a bouquet, acrylic wool and tussar silk.

Friday, September 19

TAST - Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch

The Up and Down Buttonhole was new to me and I enjoyed working on the sampler. I plan on using it on my next scarf actually a lot of TAST is going to find its way onto my scarves which I think should give them a new dimension.
Have some catching up to do with TAST and TIF but for the next four days we're taking a break and going up to the hills. So see you all mid week next week and have a good weekend.

Thursday, September 18

Sequential Design - The Invisible Woman

I tried posting the little animated clip of The Invisible Woman but it takes forever to download.So here is the link to view it. This is the work of Lou Trigg embroiderer extraordinaire who's blog and website I'm going to be exploring right after this post.

I came across The Invisible Woman on Jude's blog who does extremely thought provoking and inspiring work.

This should keep you on the net for hours.Like you need an excuse!!!

Wednesday, September 17

The two sides of Fall

One side has more oranges and browns and the other side has white and grey in addition to the browns and oranges.
Fall - Tussar silk patchwork scarf. 72 inches x 3 inches.
That's the finished scarf.

Thursday, September 11


I'm busy hand piecing a patchwork scarf. Its all in tussar silk.
Squares cut from the cardboard of cereal and museli boxes make for the foundation onto which I tack the tussar silk.
The squares get laid out on the floor and I play around with the arrangement until I'm happy with the composition then they get stitched together.The cardboard foundation comes out at a later date. The scarf gets pieced together in sections.
I'm making this one like all my other patchwork scarves like a tube and this one will have slightly different colours on the other half. Colours which are a touch lighter. The finished scarf will be 60 inches x 3 inches.

Tuesday, September 9

Call of the Wild

T & S's passion for wildlife photography has resulted in a portfolio of stunning work.
On the look out for free loaders

Gone in twenty minutes
A spectacular series of photographs of a pack of Dhole (Indian wild dogs) making a kill and feeding on the Chital (Spotted deer) ,a rare event which T&S were witness to. Maybe gory for some but that's the wild for you, nothing stage managed just the natural order of things.
Be a part of T&S's wild experiences (not all gory) by visiting their photo blog - Walk the Wilderness. They are newbies to blogging so go on over and say hello and their photographs I assure you, will wow! you.
( All images courtesy T&S)

Friday, September 5

TAST - Barred Chain & Alternating Barred Chain

I'm running late on TAST but by just one stitch. Check out this site to see more samples worked with the Barred Chain and Alternating Barred Chain.
On an entirely different note and not a pleasant one. A fellow blogger encountered a nasty case of plagiarism, read about it here and learn about some useful tips to fight this malaise.(check out the comments)

Wednesday, September 3


I'd like to introduce you to Sophie Christopher an artist and textile designer whose chosen medium of expression is tapestries.
Movement, Change, Processing -188 x 95 cms

The Point Is Always The Same 339 x 60 cms

Two Slow Cats And A Rooster 196 x 123 cms

Do check out Sophie's website and click on the images to get more detailed views in order to appreciate the manner in which the colours are mixed and the painstaking effort required to weave one of these beauties.Then I bet you will get in touch with her to commission a tapestry.
( All images courtesy Sophie Christopher)