Wednesday, September 29


I've been travelling, travelling a lot is more like it and everywhere I go I carry a scarf to embroider and its circles that I've been creating with a million little running stitch.
This one I've named 'Amulet'. Its large two and a half meters long and forty four inches wide. Its an amulet you can wrap yourself in.

Has the running around in circles unconciously translated itself into my work I wonder? Finding time early in the morning to embroider what I like to call little pools of potential on the scarves before the duties of the day have to be dealt with.
This one is named 'Fossil'. Running stitch circles on tussar silk with a sprinkling of sequins.
And this one is named 'Pond'.
Someone visiting the store asked if embroidering these scarves were my way of meditating and I couldn't agree more.
I'm travelling again today to visit family and there's a scarf I'm taking along with me. Circles and running stitch have given way to lines and open chain stitch.

Sunday, September 19

All Creatures Great and Small

Gayle's book is based on the theme All Creatures Great and Small and this was my contribution for the month of August.
A shiny, glittering, embroidered and sequined peacock perched on a Flame of the Forest in full bloom. The leaves are printed foil from a snack packet and for the flowers I got to use my nail polish and some embroidery.

If the idea of upcycling appeals to you and you happen to be in Bangalore then make time for Anu and here's some upcycling and recycling I'm doing.

Friday, September 10

Plantation House

Have you visited Plantation House yet? For a number of you geography gets in the way so let me take you on a little visual tour.

I was there yesterday to spend time with Shalini and hand over three pieces of my handiwork and of course talk and talk and talk.
That's 'Overgrown' which has many admirers I'm told.
Overgrown is about tussar appliqued squares and cretan stitch on a bright turquoise cotton silk fabric.
A little section just for my scarves! 'Islands' is draped on the t stand and folded on the step stool is 'Autumn'
Detail of Islands. This is a reversable scarf.
Plantation House garments can be worn in more ways than one like this Bedouin inspired Japanese tunic in the foreground but for that you need to visit the store to experience the transformation and be enchanted.

'Autumn" is a hand pieced patchwork scarf.
My work has been received well at Plantation House and I was delighted to see a Japanese lady visit the store wearing one of my scarves and apparently in that state I stop functioning because I failed to ask her, her name or remember to take a photograph. Thank you for choosing to buy and wear a Maya.

Saturday, September 4

Story of the Traveling Pages Sent and Received

I'm back after a month of travel and living out of a travel bag. It feels so good to put up my feet, sip tea and settle into a familiar routine. Sigh, there's simply no place like home.
Other people have been busy too. Liz created this page for my book on Leaves.Its going to be a great addition, thanks Liz.
the page I made for Liz. The theme for her book is Doors.

OK this post was just a quick one to say hello.
More in the days to come about my scarves which have sold well at Plantation House, way beyond my expectations!