Friday, March 11

CQ block and primitive calender page for February

Here's the Crazy Quilt block for February. A small swatch with hearts from Julie. Appropriate for he month of February I thought. A small bit of rust dyed fabric to keep with the primitive theme.
I've tried a bit of Kutch embroidery along one seam. Had to redo it a couple of times so the blue thread could be interlaced. The block itself measures 4" x 6"
That's the page for February - CQ block on the left and the cross-stitch pattern for the stitch along on the right.

Have a good weekend.
I'm trying to identify constellations in the night sky. Can identify Orion, The Hunter. Need to figure out what else is visible in the night sky over Coonoor.

Tuesday, March 1

February - Joyful World stitch along

The February pattern finished just as the month drew to an end.
February had it's ups and downs but it's a been a good month.