Friday, March 11

CQ block and primitive calender page for February

Here's the Crazy Quilt block for February. A small swatch with hearts from Julie. Appropriate for he month of February I thought. A small bit of rust dyed fabric to keep with the primitive theme.
I've tried a bit of Kutch embroidery along one seam. Had to redo it a couple of times so the blue thread could be interlaced. The block itself measures 4" x 6"
That's the page for February - CQ block on the left and the cross-stitch pattern for the stitch along on the right.

Have a good weekend.
I'm trying to identify constellations in the night sky. Can identify Orion, The Hunter. Need to figure out what else is visible in the night sky over Coonoor.


Charlton Stitcher said...

I'm interested in the Kutch embroidery - new to me. Is it a form local to you?
And the stars too - it's always fascinating to study the stars in a new place - part of getting acquainted for me perhaps and a daily reminder of how far I've travelled.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Well Kutch embroidery is from the Indian state of Gujarat, in the west of India.So it's not local to where I live currently.
Aah the stars are awesome here because there is very little pollution and haze I'm a novice at star gazing and taking baby steps in this area.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I love what you call the Kutch embroidery - it's very beautiful. Would love to learn how to do that...

Kathleen Sundby said...

I want to do a stitch sampler like TAST volumes 1 and 2 where do i find the patterns or photos or tutorials, etc. To do these books?
Please let me know.

Thread Born said...

What a great way to use the heart fabric...and thanks for the mention! Stitching is in the air. I've been incorporating it into a number of my classes recently. Love what you're doing with these calendar pages!