Monday, January 4

Looking ahead to 2021 with hope

2020 has come to an end.

The year of the pandemic which kept us confined in lockdown and made us reassess our lifestyles and priorities. 
Despite all these constraints I have grown artistically. Some projects were completed other are works in progress.
Top row - Left to Right
1. A commission - a birthday present for one who likes Michael Leunig and the sea.
2. I organised a fabric page swap with ladies around the world. They are a committed bunch, who made pages and posted them despite restrictions. i still have a couple to mail out. But the group is understanding and patient.I couldn't mail anything until November but it was good to receive a page from the others.
This is the first page I made forr the swap for a lady whose theme was Stampunk and it was for the month of February, therefore the steampunk heart. I enjoyed creting it.
3.A bit of cheeky mending on a pair of trackies.

Middle row - Left to Right
1.The hundred day project. I decided to make a hundred upcycled collages. This is a work in progress.
2. That's me after a much needed haircut, once the lockdown was lifted and restrictions on hair salons were eased.
3.My contribution to the Same Sea Different Boat - Our Isolation Story.  There was  lot of fruit availble. Produce which couldn't get to the cities and towns due to the lockdown and strawberries especially were being sold cheap. I bought quite a number of kilograms and made jam, the hot weather was perfect for pickle making and for tree tomato chutney. 

Bottom row - Left to Right
1.Another page for the fabric page swap. The theme was the sea or the seashore. I think my love of travel and visiting the seaside translated into this page.
2.Embellishment on the upcycled kimonoish robe - The Cocoon. Prompted by Jude of Spirit Cloth and you can take a look at what everybody is creating  @ragmates2020 on Instagram.
3.I made my first quilt - Blooming in my Garden. Entirely hand stitched and embellished, I entered it in the India Quilt Festival 2021. It wasn't shortlisted but the learning has been huge. It got me thinking about all the quilt practises around the country and the world in fact. Everyone of them are practises of thrift, upcycling and recycling. Everyone of them are sustainable and slow processes.

What are you pursuing artistically in 2021?
Do tell, leave a comment, maybe we could collaborate.
I hope it will be a fulfilling year for you.