Tuesday, August 28


Its been two weeks since I last updated this blog.( That does sound like I'm at confession).
Its been a bit crazy since we started building a house in the hills and the craziness will continue for atleast the next 9 months I think.
Work schedules have got disrupted but I have managed to make seven CQ blocks by August, Whoohoo that's an achievement and it feels good.
The modem gave up and its taken four days for a replacement and right now blogger won't allow me to upload pictures! Anyone else facing this problem? Lets hope its not going to take another day or two before this post gets published.

The Crazy Quilt block for July.

The journal page for July. 
The monsoon has finally set in, it rains every evening and the weather is cooler.
The festival season in India is about to start.
Happy Onam to all those who celebrate.

Thursday, August 9


Got the CQJP journal pages done for June. Yipee!

The Crazy Quilt page. The Transit of Venus was big but it was a cloudy morning in Bangalore and I didn't see it. :( 

The journal page for June combined with explorations of stitches from TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday). In June there was buttonhole wheel, cable chain stitch and palestrina stitch

Here's the journal page up close and personal.
Some catching up to do for the CQJP. Have the CQ block done for July, now I have to embellish the seams while recording the happenings in July in embroidery on the journal page.

Happy Janmashtami  to those who celebrate, we've been invited to a puja this evening.

Friday, August 3

Go with the Flow

Go with the Flow is the third  scarf in the Traveland maps collection.
Dark blue cotton silk treated with bleach and embellished with buttonhole stitch and black sequins.
The current is strong and I'm being swept along so there's no other option but to go with the flow that's my life at present.  

Have you noticed the new blinkie in the sidebar advertising My Memories scrapbooking software? Well if you are into scrapbooking then you might want to check it out and if you decide to buy then use this promo code STMMMS64309 on the shopping cart page to save $10! Please copy and paste this code to avoid errors.I'm going to be exploring this software this weekend to design invitations and probably an album for a nephew's wedding.Will show you my explorations in a week or two and I'm planning a giveaway at that point.  

Have a great weekend.