Thursday, June 20

Embroidered poetry commission

The poem - Where the Mind is without Fear was my first commission and that has since brought about others.
I received another commission to embroider the very same poem for a dear friend. 
Similar but different is what makes each piece so unique.
The embroidered poem is for her father who served in the Indian airforce  and so I chose to embroider the poem in blue.

Working on the border. My signature appliqued silk circles with multi coloured buttonhole wheels. 
The completed piece. I hope my friend's father will like the way I've visually represented his favourite poem.

Sunday, June 9

Colours, Textures, Forms and Composition

We were driving to Wellington and had no intention to go to Hawke's Bay but our GPS had a mind of it's own and at around noon we started noticing vineyards and boards displaying address' which had Napier on them. We were puzzled but decided to make the most of what the location had to offer and have lunch at one of the vineyards.
We chose to drive into the Te Awa Winery.
The dining area at Te Awa. It was a grey blustery day but inside it was warm. Very few patrons but service was excellent and we got a great view of the vineyards beyond the large glass doors.
There's outside seating but that day because of the weather there was no service outdoors. 
We ordered the Gimblett Sampler
Beautifully plated, the food was a visual delight and it brought back memories of classes in the Elements of Design. We aren't connoisseurs of  haute cuisine, we are more the hearty home cooking sorts but it was an interesting meal. The chef was obviously an artist.
Ora King salmon crudo, wild fennel & granny smith.

Little neck clams, wine, saffron and mustard cream.

Mata figs, milk curd,cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and fig leaf. 

Hillcroft mushrooms, port wine broth, pecorino custard.

Venison Boudin noir, pine nut, pickled cabbage.
Along with the bill came these two marshmallows. The best, softest marshmallows I've ever tasted.
Space outside the Kidnappers Cliffs Room for private dining for 8 - 20 people. Love the outdoor fireplace.

I've forgotten the taste of the food but I will look at the pictures of the food as a great resource for creating colour palettes in future.
What unexpected encounters with food have you had and have you used this experience in your work?
Are you guilty, like me of photographing the food when you eat out? My husband has learned to wait patiently while I photograph the food. He doesn't understand why I do it but he indulges me. :)
Hope you have a great week.