Tuesday, April 26

Things in Bottles

Its been ages, almost a month since I posted about my scintillating life, thanks for persevering in checking for updates and I know you do because my followers have increased and I'm getting to see people visit from different parts of the world , places I've never heard of. Thanks guys for your patience, you guys rock.
Swimming in the afternoon to beat the summer heat has fried my brain and all creativity and inspiration seems to have evaporated. Alls not lost, I'm developing a terrific tan and its great to have the pool all to myself during siesta time and for company I have eagles overhead, gliding in circles in the blue sky.Mangoes are starting to make an appearance so inspiration should strike sometime soon. In the meantime.
Take a look at what I have in bottles.
My Orts bottle which is making slow progress was inspired by Sharon and this. The bottle with red Manjadikuru seeds and the fluffy yellow seeds of the Helichrysum flowers which grows wild in the Nilgiris. Do you collect things and store them in bottles? What do you collect?
Time to go and float in the pool and check out the cloud formations.

Tuesday, April 5

The Book of Leaves

The thirteen month swap which was The Story of the Traveling Pages has resulted in some amazing books and I've just completed creating my own - The Book of Leaves with contributions from ten women in the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands and Greece who interpreted my theme - leaves and created unique, one of a kind fabric pages.

This is the cover for the book which I embroidered.
The inside of the cover has the name of the person, the country they are from and the month they created the page for me. The first page is from Kath Walls in Greece.
The last page in the book is from Juliette Coates in the UK and the inside of the back cover has a pocket which contains the letters and smaller cards each one sent me detailing the method and techniques used in the creation of the page.
Thank you Ruth for putting together this fantastic swap and to all the lovely ladies who got involved, persisted and made those pages while dealing with life and the curve balls life threw each of us in the past year.. The book of leaves is a precious addition to my little collection of fabric books.

Any interesting fibre/fabric swaps and challenges happening in cyberspace? I'd like to get involved because I haven't taken up anything this year.
Oh there's been some changes taking place here.