Tuesday, April 26

Things in Bottles

Its been ages, almost a month since I posted about my scintillating life, thanks for persevering in checking for updates and I know you do because my followers have increased and I'm getting to see people visit from different parts of the world , places I've never heard of. Thanks guys for your patience, you guys rock.
Swimming in the afternoon to beat the summer heat has fried my brain and all creativity and inspiration seems to have evaporated. Alls not lost, I'm developing a terrific tan and its great to have the pool all to myself during siesta time and for company I have eagles overhead, gliding in circles in the blue sky.Mangoes are starting to make an appearance so inspiration should strike sometime soon. In the meantime.
Take a look at what I have in bottles.
My Orts bottle which is making slow progress was inspired by Sharon and this. The bottle with red Manjadikuru seeds and the fluffy yellow seeds of the Helichrysum flowers which grows wild in the Nilgiris. Do you collect things and store them in bottles? What do you collect?
Time to go and float in the pool and check out the cloud formations.


Inky Leaves said...

I LOVE this! What a great idea... totally fab. I particularly like the fluffy seeds. I know what you mean about the heat. There's been a heat wave in London and all creativity has been sapped from me too. Still, it feels good to have a numb brain - calms the constant murmering of thoughts and stressful situations!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Jessica, yes I guess the numb brain must be appreciated, nature's way of preparing for an onslaught of creativity.

Anonymous said...

I love the jars. I'm such a minimalist that I don't collect anything, but I love seeing other people's collections. Our outdoor pools will open on June 1. I can't wait. I like to get a fried brain as well as the next person.