Thursday, February 21

Looking for Roy G Biv 2 - Red

I'll be looking for Roy G Biv and you can see what I find on the third Thursday of every month.  
Voile curtains.
From a new altered book project. Altering paper pages with stitch.
What's left after demolishing a punnet of strawberries.
A large brass tray of Meetha Magai Paan.

Check out what others found looking for Roy G Biv - here and here.

Jennifer and Julie have started another round of the colour challenge Roy G Biv. On the third Thursday of every month you have to share photographs of the monthly colour - the colour this month is Red. Feel free to join in.

Tuesday, February 19


The scarves and stoles I'm creating at present are all inspired by the forest and the flora and fauna in it.   
Its amazing what a little bleach and blanket stitch can do to transform a surface.
There are two more in the series which I've created and haven't had the time to photograph. Shall do that in a week or two.
Have a good week.