Monday, October 25

Leaves - September

I was welcomed home with this beautiful creation by Elizabeth.
Elizabeth created all the fabrics she used to make this page except for a green batik. She's used a number of techniques too - rust dyeing, hand painting and sun printing. Thank you Elizabeth this page is going to make a beautiful addition to my book.

Thursday, October 7

There's no place like Home

When you are on the road and away from home as often as I've been lately, you start appreciating that space you identify as home. Everyone's definition and description of home is different. Here's Pat's interpretation in the form of a fabric ATC and postcard. Both are little gems.
Can't stop admiring the details of embroidery and the beaded edge. I've made heart themed ATC's for a swap but this is the first in my collection.
My dream home will have a fireplace and on winter nights there will be smoke curling out of the chimney and a garden.
Thank you Pat for these exquisite little pieces of art. I have yet to begin on my part of the swap but I'll surprise you sometime soon.

I'm off again on a craft project at the end of the week. I'll be back in a fortnight to appreciate once more the comforts and quirks of the place I call home until then have fun and stay safe.