Saturday, August 12

Making of a Diary Quilt - 2

Getting on with the Making of a Diary Quilt - Part 2.
Day 9 - Making yo - yo's or Suffolk puffs.
I made seven yo- yo's because there are seven stars which make up the Saptarishi Mandal or constellation also known as the Big Dipper in the Western World.
Day 10 - Applique the yo - yo's onto the quilt top.
There is an interesting story about the Saptarishi Mandal, which you can read here - The Story of  Vashishtha and Arundhati. 
Day 11 - Connect the yo - yo's with running stitch.
I chose a yellow silk for the yo - yo's because these yellow Angel's Trumpet flowers release a beautiful fragrance at dusk and the night air is beautifully scented.
I suspect the flowering has something to do with the cycles of the moon as well.
Day 12 - Improv patchwork. Make it as large or small.
I decided to represent the many moods of the Nilgiri sky.
The brilliant blue winter sky, which is all blue with not a single cloud in the sky, the moody monsoon sky with dark rain clouds and the cloudscapes which will have one day dreaming for hours.
Day 13 - Attach the improv patchwork anywhere on the quilt top.
Day 14 - Hand yoga.
Day 15 - Choose a piece of fabric, trace the outline of a familiar object and applique it  anywhere on the quilt top.
I used this fabric which I got in a giveaway. It matches the teal blue of my phone cover.
Day 16 - Trace the outline of a familiar object and embroider it.
I wear a gold chain with a gold sovereign or coin given by my paternal grandmother, so that's what I placed on the quilt top and traced the outline of and embroidered.

Day 17 - Onto a piece of fabric, trace out a part of your body and applique it onto the quilt top.
Decided to trace out my foot. Symbolic of the all the walking I do in the garden.
The fabric is Shwe shwe fabric from South Africa. 
Thank you Helen van Zyl for all the shwe shwe fabric swatches you sent me when we had a fabric page swap.
Day 18 - Embroider or appliqué a piece of clothing. The size is left to you to choose.
These are my  patched black trackies.
I have two pairs which developed holes because my cat Gin has a tendency to dig her claws into my legs when she wants to be fed.
The track pants are of knit fabric and I patch the holes with the fabric from old panties.
These trackies are boros in the making, one patch at a time.
The quilt top is slowly filling up.

I think a third part will be required. Shall have that up in a couple of weeks.

I hope you have a creative weekend and get to indulge yourself making , messing around or learning something new.