Monday, June 30

Gajar Halwa

For the dinner party for friends on Friday I made Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa) and it was served with Vanilla ice-cream(store bought)
The recipe is from Nupur's blog One Hot Stove.
This was my first attempt at Gajar Halwa and I must say the result was most satisfactory.

I had to make minor changes in the ingredients because those mentioned in Nupur's recipe are not all available here in India - molasses and evaporated milk.

My modified recipe


1kg carrot shredded

1 can Milkmaid condensed milk

1/3 cup Jaggery

1tsp.Cardamom powder

1/2 cup chopped Cashewnuts

2 -3 tbsps. Ghee ( clarified butter)


I followed the steps Nupur has put down in her recipe, no changes there.

Heat ghee and stir fry the cashewnuts and the shredded carrots.Add the condensed milk and cook on medium heat until the mixute thickens. Add the jaggery, powdered cardamom and a pinch of salt.Continue cooking and stir the mixture constantly still all the moisture has been absorbed. This is my second contribution this month to the Tried and Tasted event being hosted over at Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen and there will be a round -up of all those who tried and tasted recipes from Nupur's blog in the first week of July.
2nd July 2008
Here's a bit of information for those in Bangalore
"molasses is jaggery. i usually use the fine powedered organic jaggery found in nilgiris or fabindia. however i saw a bottle of gooey semi liquid jaggery in namdharis which i'm sure would work just as well. i use molasses for gingerbread." Thanks Priya for the info must check out Namdharis.

Friday, June 27

TAST - Detached Chain

The stitch for the third week of June was Detached Chain. Looking forward to the TIF and TAST in July.
Got to do a bit of cooking today. Make the dessert for a dinner party tonight with friends I think I need to try something different and also get some cooking done for the weekend so I spend more time with R rather than in the kitchen.
Have a great weekend.

Monday, June 23

Stitchin Fingers

Stitchin Fingers is a community in cyberspace of people working with various textile media and its free to join. Started by Sharon B in early May, this group is now at 699 members and it seems to be growing by the minute.
There are a number of groups individual members have created to explore specific aspects of the textile practise - cloth dolls, japanese embroidery,feltmaking etc etc. I've joined the Take a Stitch on Tuesday and the Fiber Book groups as well as the Hand Embroidery group. Its tempting to join a number of other groups but that would be a case of biting off more than I can chew.
In an attempt to do justice to the groups I've joined I'm creating a fiber book of the stitches I'm creating for the Take a Stitch on Tuesday. Killing two birds with one stone is the only way I'll keep up. The stitch to explore for week 1 was Herringbone Stitch.
Week 2 the stitch to explore was Buttonhole Stitch.
Here are the first two pages. Its going to be a while beforeI start putting the Fiber book together. The Stich for week 3 is Detached Chain. Must get started on that. I'm so glad week 4 each month will be for catching up because I'm certainly going to need it.
Working on the pages for Herringbone Stich and Buttonhole Stitch I decided to explore the creation of flowers with each stitch and I'm pleased with the results. Every stitch may not lend itself to create a floral motif but that will be my personal challenge so lets see what I can come up with each week.

Wednesday, June 18

If you've got IT, then flaunt IT!!!!

I undertook the delightful task of a tantalising makeover of this bit of lingerie for a bosom buddy.I was given a free hand and she was absolutely thrilled with the results. Dare to bare just got a whole new meaning.
I think I'm ready to take on makeovers of this type from now on. Every girl needs one of these personalised embellished numbers wouldn't you say. I welcome a challenge so bring them on - extreme makeovers, over the top, tantalising or plain mesmerising - bras which you'd love to flaunt!

Wednesday, June 11

June TIF

June's challenge in a simple sentence would be "stories that are and stories that are possible" The colour palette and challenge details are here.
I spent sometime trying to figure out what the challenge meant for me and then I don't remember how or when the idea emerged but it was ready to execute and I'm done with this month's challenge and its not yet the middle of June.
On the left is the source or the story called Plantation House. Plantation House is the label under which a close friend who shares the same design sensibilities as me sells her garments. She takes inspiration from the japanese kimono or african garments so her garments have simple cuts and are impeccable for the detailing and finish. She uses fabrics made of natural fibres and the styling is relaxed , the look is one of layered textures. The whole story is one of understated elegance much like life on a plantation, therefore the name - Plantation House.

On the right is a story born from the cutting waste of the garments made for Plantation House. I use the cutting waste to make one of a kind patchwork scarves and stoles embellished with simple embroidery, geometric forms and applique. All handmade and hand finished with impeccable finish and detailing.

Shalini's garments are a perfect foil for my scarves and stoles. We had a show of our work two years back and we hope to have another this year. Its intersting to see how two stories can come together and complement each other so well. Immense possibilities which I need to explore if that show is going to happen.
Now I need to catch up with the Take a Stitch Tuesday group on Stitchin Fingers. I have to do both the Herringbone Stitch and the Buttonhole stitch.

Friday, June 6

Mango Lassi

It's mango season and what's better than a nice tall glass of chilled Mango Lassi.
The recipe is from the blog One Hot Stove by Nupur who Zlamushka over at Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen. has chosen as the featured blog for the Tried and Tasted event this month.

Nupur's recipe asks for mango puree which I substituted with fresh fruit. That was the only change I made to her recipe.
Half cup mango, half cup yogurt, half cup milk, half cup water. Combine in a blender and voila you have Mango lassi, pour into glasses, chill and serve. It's yum.
Cheers!!!! Nupur's Gajar halwa is another recipe I'd like to try. Thanks Zlamushka for hosting this event and directing us to some wonderful world cuisine.

Zlamushka does a round up of all the recipes people have tried and tasted during the month, you can check out what was cooked up last month at Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen