Saturday, July 31

Its raining Leaves

I'm posting sooner than I expected. Its because this page created by Ann in May and given up as lost has reached me after two months.
The story behind the three pages Ann has created for me needs to be related.
Ann had to create a page for me in March based on the theme - Leaves. Unbelievable but true the first page and then the second went missing and finally the third page reached me in July
Ann this page is beautiful. It depicts the four seasons.
Thank you for the little ivy leaf. I'm going to use it on the cover of my book of Leaves. Everybody will have thirteen pages in their book but I'll have fourteen and should that first page Ann created, arrive in the next two months then it will be fifteen. Expecting the unexpected is the attitude I'm going to adopt especially if its as pleasant as this.

Wednesday, July 28

Leaves - June

This page created by Gayle arrived in the mail about ten days and has been waiting for me to get back from my wanderings.
Gayle has used Shibori techniques such as 'stitching and capping' and for the metallic gold thread a technique called 'tsujigahana'. The reverse of the page has has been dyed using the 'short pole technique'. In addition Gayle has been really resourceful in using Easter egg dyes for all her shibori explorations.
Thank you Gayle for sharing details of your life and the place you live in as well as the beautiful page for my book of leaves.

My wanderings continue all of August and I don't see an opportunity to post but I just might surprise you so do come back and visit. There will be a lot to show and tell at the end of August.
Take care and stay safe until we meet next.

Saturday, July 10

Leaves - March

Ann made this page for me.She sketched the oak leaves in her garden and then quilted the page.
Ann has made three pages for me. Two got lost in transit and finally the third made it from Berlin to Bangalore.
The reverse of the page and the most exquisite little ATC with fabric origami flowers. Thank you Ann, I really appreciate the persistence and effort you've made to make a page for me three times over.

Thursday, July 1


Traditional bamboo baskets of Kerala.
Its going to be a while before I get back to my old routine which will allow me to post on a regular basis as internet access is not always available at the places where I go for my craft projects.
Its as if I step back in time - there's no internet access, cell phone signals are poor or non existent,candles must be kept handy because the power cuts last all night and insect bites can make your life hell but I get to work with skilled craftspeople and some locations are simply beautiful.
So I hope you'll keep visiting because I'll be posting about the craft projects I'm going to be working on and the locations whenever I have access to the net.