Wednesday, June 26

Tea - A Fiber Book - Page from Francis

The third page for my fiber book on tea is from Francis in Australia.
Francis has photographed her favourite tea pots from her collection and transfer printed them.
The reverse has a picture of a ride 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party'  at a local amusement park. Even the little note has a cute little teapot charm.
Tea seems to be taken quite seriously in most countries as is evident from all the commercially printed fabrics available. Love the print of tea pots and cups Francis has used on her page.

Thursday, June 20

Looking for Roy G Biv 2 - Blue

I saw a lot of Cobalt blue this month in my search for Roy G Biv. I wonder why its so popular, is it cultural, religious, why cobalt blue? I must try and find out.     

 Electric blue serial lights wound around the trunk and branches of a tree. You would never have guessed right?
Cobalt blue chain link fence.

 Scratched cobalt blue paint texture on a merry go round.

I've never seen a fish like this so I don't know how to go about searching for a name. Any clues anyone? There was no name and price at the fish shop where I snapped this picture.

What blue and where did you find it? Won't you play along? See what some others found this month here and here.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 13

Page for Susie - Book Page Swap 2013

This is a page I've created for Susie. Susie's theme is 'whatever makes the artist smile' and chocolate certainly makes me smile.

Monday, June 10

Red, Blue and Green


I've restocked my Etsy shop. There are three pretty handloom cotton scarves with beaded fringes and hand rolled edges for sale.
Lightweight, with delicate hand embroidery just perfect for summer.

Tuesday, June 4

Mille Fleur

Mille Fleur - my latest creation. Hand embroidered buttonhole wheels cover the surface of this two and a half meter long black cotton silk scarf.