Sunday, January 24

Christmas ornaments

Every year I plan to make an ornament every month and finally in 2016 I've got around to it.
It gets more challenging because I plan to make about fifteen by the middle of April when my classmates from school plan a small three day reunion and I wanted to give each one a little something for the tree or home when Christmas rolls around.
Where I live finding gifts to buy is not easy so one has to develop the skills to make them.
This cute little reindeer is a freebie I found on Pinterest
I'm happy to say little Brownie has recovered from the wild boar attack, his wounds have healed and he's a happy puppy once more.
I've yet to start on the crazy quilt block for January for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2016. My mum helped me pick out the fabrics now I have to get started.
Lots of reports of  heavy snow, snow storms and extremely cold weather in various parts of the world. Wishing you a warm and safe place if you happen to be some place experiencing severe winter weather.  

Saturday, January 9

Rust and embroidery

 I'm working on a small collection of cotton silk scarves which incorporate rust dyeing and embroidery.

This is the first one.
 My little doggie Brownie got wounded in an encounter with wild boar yesterday but some herbal medicines are working their magic on him. He should be himself in a week or two.
Hope the new year is treating you well.