Thursday, July 26

A Textile Letter

Karina invited me to exchange a textile letter with her and I created an embroidered one for her. That's the whole long letter, sorry for the hazy picture but its a cloudy day and I didn't want to use the flash.    
Here are closeups of sections of the letter.  
A tear in the fabric becomes a part of the letter.
All pictures enlarge if you click on them and give you a chance to take a closer look at the details.
Bits of silk appliqued to the letter with running stitch, button hole wheels, feather stitch and cable chain stitch are part of my letter writing vocabulary. 
I've appliqued a list of traditional Indian snacks which were listed on a snack packet. Click on the picture to get an enlarged view.  
Signing off.
Click here to take a look at the letters Katrina has received from people all over the world. 

Tuesday, July 17

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is the second in the collection I'm creating based on the theme of maps and travel.
The scarf is a cotton silk one with running stitch, sequins and applique. 

Urban Sprawl has been interpreted as growth of a town into a city , its organic growth which is not planned.
Its a collection of little towns which have grown and got connected by roads and buildings which are now recognised as a single city but these localities and areas still function as self sufficient eco systems.
In a lot of ways its a reflection of Bangalore where I live. The urban sprawl continues to expand growing upward and outward at a scorching pace, turning a city into a metropolis and very soon to a megalopolis.

Where do you live? village, town, city, metropolis or megalopolis. 

Participate in this event and have a little fun today.Cheers!

Wednesday, July 11

Button Holing

Buttonhole stitch is going to be the star of my next stole- Land of Lakes. This little damaged fabric which is part of another little project inspired Land of Lakes.
Land of Lakes is the third in the collection based on the theme of Maps and Travel. The collection will have 7 - 10 scarves and stoles and I'm finding there are enough hours in a day! Help.
I have yet to show you Urban Sprawl which I finished last week.

Caterina is hosting a rose giveaway on her blog La DolceVita. You have until July19th to put your name in the hat for the lucky draw.

Here's something I find absolutely delightful.

Friday, July 6


Etsy MBA
Created by:

Is that a cool or what? Fantastic example of infographics.
Click here to check out  the Million Little Stitches shop on Etsy.
Kicking off the weekend with a movie tonight - The Gangs ofWassepur. Have a great weekend.  

Monday, July 2


Gypsy - a reversable hand pieced  patchwork tussar silk scarf.
Running stitch adds texture andholds the two layers together. Blanket stitch is used to finish the edges of the scarf.
The reverse of the scarf is a whole cloth patterned with kantha stitch squares of different sizes. 
The soft colours of the patchwork which shine through when the scarf is held up to the light.

June has slipped by,and all I remember are the many nights spent watching the Euro 2012 and the finals last night was simply fantastic. La Roja are the best.