Thursday, May 27


Chip packets and crazy quilting. My entry for the rainbow of stitches contest over at Feeling Stitchy.
A couple of days left for you to enter - click here to see the other submissions.

Monday, May 24

Page for April is from Australia

The page for April was created by Johoanna. Its the form of a leaf from a tree in her garden. The background fabric is quite gorgeous.Love that little blue frog. Nimbin in Australia where Johoanna lives is most happening, a Mardi Gras festival promoting the legalisation of marijuana has just concluded. Hemp is a fibre I haven't had much to do with, I think I'll put Nimbin on my list of places to visit.

On a separate note -
Tell me this doesn't move you to start doing your bit to stop it all from unravelling..

Tuesday, May 18

Mini accordion fold book

Now that Eliza has received the mini book I made for her I can show you what I created.

A mini book in a little foil envelope personalised with a little monogram and a closure for the envelope made with coconut shell buttons.
Brown and red little accordion fold book edged with sequins.
Small bits of paper the edges of which are burnt make up the spaces to do some writing on both sides of the accordion fold.
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Thursday, May 13

Art Nouveau in April

For The Story of the Traveling Pages in April I created a page for Cobi whose fibre book is Art Nouveau themed. So here's the page.
Art Nouveau meets Indian bling. Couldn't resist the sequins.
The reverse of the page. Tussar silk with sequined swirls and a cotton label embroidered with details.
Blanket stitch secures the plastic foil and silk to the base fabric. Texture created with running stitch done at random vertically and horizontally with blue metallic thread.
The flower and butterfly are made with shiny plastic foil, which is part of the packaging for the muesli I buy and pieces of silk.Reverse applique is the technique I've used.
To see more of the pages being created for this fantastic year long collaborative fibre art project, click here.

Tuesday, May 11

Spoilt Silly

The postman came bearing a package from Poland yesterday as a result of participating in this swap..My swap partner Eliza made this gorgeous book for me.
Wrapped in a piece of wall paper tied with ribbon and a monogrammed tag was the little book - Women who Create. Let me walk you through this beautiful creation. ( click on pics to view enlarged)
Vermeer's - The Lace maker I got to view at the Louvre when I visited Paris, its a jewel of a painting and I'm so glad Eliza decided to include it in the book.
I love that little slide.
How did Eliza have the heart to cut up the little coaster I wonder? Fantastic use of images and other bits and pieces on all the pages, so beautifully balanced. Very thoughtful of you to include so many beautiful textile bits like the lace, crocheted coaster and the measuring tape.
Isn't that little gingham heart cute? Eliza took the trouble to go through my blog I see.
She sent me a piece of embroidered net which was used for her wedding dress. Its really delicate and pretty. Thank you, it must be imbued with so many happy memories.
Another Vermeer painting - A Lady Writing. The book lies on top of a traditional Polish scarf which I'm told is still fashionable. Waiting for cooler weather when I can wear it.
A set of twelve traditional Polish folk embroidery patterns. Beautifully compliments a page on embroidery in the little book.
The back of the book along with a postcard and a selection of papers.
Thank you Eliza for this beautiful book and the wonderful array of gifts from Poland.

P.S. Lawendula is organising one last swap before the summer - Paper Swap :Art Failures. Read more about it here.

Friday, May 7

I won!!!

Pat had a giveaway on her blog for Mother's Day about two weeks back and I won.The first ever giveaway I've won.I was ecstatic to get up one morning and read Pat's e-mail. Today I had the pleasure of opening a box packed with goodies.Wrapped with care in pretty pink and rose patterned tissue paper I unwrapped something to delight every sense.
A little note pad, a little book - For Mother O'Mine by Mary Engelbreit, a little zine Pat has created on How to write on Fabric which has her beautiful handwriting, a little box of chocolates! Its the little yellow box of Whitman's Sampler and a charming little porcelain plate with roses on it and three exquisite vintage mother of pearl buttons.
Aren't these vintage handkerchiefs beautiful. They are in pristine condition. They inspire me to start a handkerchief collection.
Just look at all that. Three little charms from Blue Moon, a set of vintage crystal buttons made in Germany, skeins of silk thread,a vial of glass beads, a length of lace and a beautiful crazy quilted needle case made by Pat's friend Brenda to which Pat added the bead edging. Looks like I can't put off exploring crazy quilting much longer, I have everything to get me started.
Pat you've taught me a thing or two about giveaways and you certainly do things with style. Can't tell you how thrilled I was to unwrap each little treasure. Thank you.
Chocolate doesn't last long in this household, I'll be sharing that with my husband this weekend as we watch T20 cricket on television.
For the years of embroidery I've done I haven't made or got myself a needle case so looks like I was meant to have one and its going to be pressed into service right away. I'm going to put a picture of this beautiful needle case here.
Have a wonderful weekend.