Wednesday, October 21

Blooming in my Garden - a quilt

I'm making my first quilt, hoping to have it done by December to enter The Indian Quilt Festival 2021.
Very ambitious some might say but I'm taking a swing at this challenge.
Quilt purists will in all probability shudder at my plan but I'm approaching it as a fun learning experience.

There's appliqué and embroidery. Techniques I gravitate to when I want to express myself.
My garden with all the shapes and colours in it are the inspiration for my rather fanciful flowers which I'm drawing.
There will be these appliqué and embroidered blocks, hand pieced patchwork and I intend to join the patchwork and appliqued blocks with faggoting. Not exactly a technique used in making a quilt top but I don't have a sewing machine and hand sewing is what I know to do.
I will enter the finished quilt under the Floral Raphsody category.
These four floral blocks will be in the four corners of the quilt. The finished quilt will measure 48" × 36" or 3' × 4'
I'm going to start working on the hand pieced patchwork sections.

How are you doing? Keeping well and safe I hope.
What creative project are you involved with?Have a good week.