Sunday, August 29

90th birthday present for twin sisters

 I'm always surprised when someone contacts me via social media about a commission.  
The request was for a poem to be embroidered.                                    
I was taken by surprise when I was told I would have to embroider the poem  twice because it was to be given to twin sisters for their birthday 🎂 in July.
This was a first.                                    
The twin sisters are creative. One a poet and the other a designer.
The poem I was requested to embroider has been written by the poet.
The embroidered poem - Hometown Blackpool by Naomi Beth Wakan.
A frame for the embroidered poem was created with strips of shibori fabric.
The two copies of the embroidered poem.

The finished piece.

I have an account on Instagram @giftablewords for the express purpose of commissioning unique embroidered poems, quotes, birth samplers and wedding samplers, which one can gift 🎁 to friends and family.
Do take a look. I'll be delighted to work with you to create something special.

Have a great week.