Wednesday, September 29


I've been travelling, travelling a lot is more like it and everywhere I go I carry a scarf to embroider and its circles that I've been creating with a million little running stitch.
This one I've named 'Amulet'. Its large two and a half meters long and forty four inches wide. Its an amulet you can wrap yourself in.

Has the running around in circles unconciously translated itself into my work I wonder? Finding time early in the morning to embroider what I like to call little pools of potential on the scarves before the duties of the day have to be dealt with.
This one is named 'Fossil'. Running stitch circles on tussar silk with a sprinkling of sequins.
And this one is named 'Pond'.
Someone visiting the store asked if embroidering these scarves were my way of meditating and I couldn't agree more.
I'm travelling again today to visit family and there's a scarf I'm taking along with me. Circles and running stitch have given way to lines and open chain stitch.


ArtPropelled said...

I can feel that these pieces are meditative. The running stitches and the circles are very calming to look at. An amulet to wrap yourself in ..... I love that idea.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Robyn.I think of each of my scarves as amulets.

novembergrass said...

These are quite lovely.

dls said...

Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful stitching art!!

OregonPatchWorks said...

Beautiful patch work :)

Erin said...

beautiful. makes me think of Zen gardens a little. Or is it about personal journeys/maps? Very calming. :)