Thursday, September 11


I'm busy hand piecing a patchwork scarf. Its all in tussar silk.
Squares cut from the cardboard of cereal and museli boxes make for the foundation onto which I tack the tussar silk.
The squares get laid out on the floor and I play around with the arrangement until I'm happy with the composition then they get stitched together.The cardboard foundation comes out at a later date. The scarf gets pieced together in sections.
I'm making this one like all my other patchwork scarves like a tube and this one will have slightly different colours on the other half. Colours which are a touch lighter. The finished scarf will be 60 inches x 3 inches.


megha puNAter" said...

wow, would love to see the end result.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Yes, will show off the finished scarf. Jungle is still a WIP, need to get some embroidery thread for it.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful - great colours. also thanks for link to the photography blog the other day - awesome

pRiyA said...

aaaaawwww....i spy a watermark!
ha ha ha.
very arty embellisher, very arty (the scarf). for a sec i thought you were laying out tiles on your floor. the colours are beautiful. will come see it when its over.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Paula, glad you liked the photo blog.

Priya - The watermark - the latest nugget of info to my unravelling and discovery of photoshop.Yes we need to have lunch and discuss the zine.

ArtPropelled said...

It's going to be a lovely scarf. I love the Autumn colours.

Anaka said...

The colours are pretty and tussar is the perfect fabric for earthy tones of fall. Your process sounds very tedious- tacking the silk onto the cardboard and doing that on both sides! Well a lot of good work does call for patience and being meticulous so....good luck.

pRiyA said...

oh i just can't wait to see the scarf!
hugs and kisses!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Robyn

I know the process is long Anaka but I only do hand sewing, everything is handmade in every sense of the word and I make only one or two of any one thing - it gets reflected in the price :)

Priya - right, you will, if you only get off the phone and give me a chance to get some sewing done.... there's something in Anjum Anand's recipes or is it flax seed?

Cathie said...

Oh my gosh - this is the coolest idea. I love it. And the colors you've selected -- atumnally beautiful!!

kate said...

I really appreciate hearing about your process. Love how you use the cardboard to play around with the composition. Lovely earthy tones.

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher,
This is my favorite color combination. Friends tease me that it is my uniform. Like Kate above, I also value images of process. I always learn something.