Wednesday, September 3


I'd like to introduce you to Sophie Christopher an artist and textile designer whose chosen medium of expression is tapestries.
Movement, Change, Processing -188 x 95 cms

The Point Is Always The Same 339 x 60 cms

Two Slow Cats And A Rooster 196 x 123 cms

Do check out Sophie's website and click on the images to get more detailed views in order to appreciate the manner in which the colours are mixed and the painstaking effort required to weave one of these beauties.Then I bet you will get in touch with her to commission a tapestry.
( All images courtesy Sophie Christopher)


pumpernickel said...

It's my first glimpse of Sophie's tapestries and I have to say they're impressive. Love the colours in the first one.

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful work. Thanks for the introduction.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hope Sophie has a show sometime soon, you actually need to see them to truly appreciate them.