Thursday, February 18

TAST Thorn Stitch

At some point every second post was a stitch from Take a Stitch Tuesday. Now with the end in sight I find I'm juggling at least five different projects but I'm hanging in there, coasting along.
Some projects which will be completed thanks to my juggling skills shall be revealed next week maybe earlier if I can take juggling to the next level.
How has your week been? Any extreme juggling involved? Tell me about it.


Elizabeth said...

Your thorn stitchs are lovely- and very useful for adding interest and stitch to so many things. Definately have to try this one!!! Oh yes, you are not alone with your juggling my friend!!! if we lived closer we could form quite a troupe of jugglers!! My chidren have just returned to school today after 11 days off due to the terrible snow stroms that we have ahd. In this part of the world we are not ready for this amount of snow! i have been trying to finish projects, keep up with committments to trades and create inventory for a gallery where I sell my work. Plus my work space is a disaster and I am to the point where I have to stop and clean up as I can't find the things I need!!
So juggle on, know that you are inspiring me with your work and don't drop any balls- go ahead you can take it to the next level!!!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the encouragement.I need to sort out the workspace which is fast turning into a black hole of sorts.It must be tackled first thing tomorrow morning.
Interesting to note that some balls we're both juggling are the same.

Caterina Giglio said...

I know the feeling... juggling a lot at the moment! we can do it!!!

ArtPropelled said...

Juggling as fast as I can! Your fir trees fit in with so many blogs I've seen today. So much snow around!

Diana Trout {} said...

Too funny... I've tried to do TAST but never get very far. Your thornstitch is very cool !

sharonb said...

I love the colours on this sample it is very delicate.

Velma Bolyard said...

this stitch is really really nice!