Tuesday, April 29


Wednesday is Orange day during Colour Week.


The skies opened up and it came down in sheets last night. What a relief after days of the heat building up.Reminds me of the day I bought this bag. It was pouring cats and dogs and there was a black thunderstorm warning. My sister and I were waiting to meet someone at the Kowloon train stop and since we had time we decided to explore and see what was in the shops close to the station. One was a leather shop - Babila, and I just had to have this bag.It reminds me of my holiday in Hong Kong with Piyo, Z & M and Disney.


Michele said...

Great bag! Perfect for this time of year. Very cheery!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Michele, thanks for stopping by and checking out the colour.Not many bags that are orange in this part of the world so it certainly gets noticed.

Unknown said...

love your orange bag, orange is such a gorgeous colour.