Tuesday, April 8

Yogurt Fruit Cake

Ah Priya I didn't have the heart to disappoint you so here's what I baked this long weekend.Being Ugadi and all.

A Yogurt Fruit Cake.

I like simple straightforward recipes with no fancy gagetry or ingredients and quantities must be in cups and teaspoons etc, I won't attempt a recipe that's in grams or pounds,pints or litres. For one thing I don't intend investing in weighing scales i don't have anywhere to store it, conversions from pounds to grams drive me nuts, temperature conversions are bad enough and there's no getting around that because my microwave convection oven has temperatures in degrees C and most recipes are in degrees F!

This is a perfect recipe fulfills all my above requirements and what's more its illustrated in fabulous colour!!! How could I resist when I have my own little embroidered recipes project going on. Thanks Caroline, I really enjoy the illustations and views on your blog.

I made the cake with strawberries and mango. Yes, the first mangoes have begun to appear in fruit shops. I think a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream would be great with this cake.

To round off this post here's good wishes for Ugadi , ( the new year for Kannadiga's which was yesterday). Thanks Priya for the translation.

Hosa Dina New Day
Hosa Nagu New Laughter
Hosa Chiguru New shoots (as in shoots and leaves)
Hosa Kanasu New dreams
Hosa Daari New ways/roads
Hosa Jeevana New life
Hosa Varsha (New year)Nimma Jeevanadalli ellaHosathnanavu tharali

In your life, let the new year (Hosa varsha), bring all kinds of newness

Santhoshadha Ugadi! Happy Ugadi!


pRiyA said...

very nice embellisher. will give this a shot too. and i think i'll do a portrait of you titled Embellisher with Cake.
i made the cake below without the topping and added pears to the batter. it was delicious. butter in the batter makes a world of difference.

portrait correction: embellisher and plumtree with their cakes.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Will check out the recipe which has butter in it. Can't wait to see the portrait.

Crayons said...

Dear Embellisher,

Hey! Thank you for the plug. I'm so glad you tried the cake. I made it another time since my post. This time added orange zest and Grand Marnier.

Keep stitching!

Anonymous said...

yum - that looks delicious, and I ejoyed a little foray into carolyns crayon world!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Crayons, People who sampled the cake were all praise for it now I need to wow some more people with the orange zest and Grand Marnier. Now back to the stitching!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Paula I'm sure you were entertained by caroline's brilliant drawings and wit, yes the cake is yummy.

allie aller said...

What an absolutely delightful link! That is the best presentation of a recipe I have ever seen!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I couldn't agree with you more Allison, thanks for visiting.