Monday, April 14

Reunion to Remember

Boarding school and a decade of it together had brought us back together again,after a year of e-mailing, planning, scheduling, rescheduling and then going back to the original schedule - April 12th & 13th, just the girls, no spice or children.

Time to bare our souls, bitch and let it all hang out, we had an absolute blast remembering and reminiscing. Tea and cream horns started us off.Isn't it amazing what strong memories food can evoke? (Thanks COW for the supply of cream horns) Cream horns and elephant ears were for tea on Saturday or Sunday at school.Yum!
SOUP: The food was terrible
Chorus of voices : Noooooo! / It was fantastic / Just never enough./Remember eating K's coconut oil ? /Wasn't the jaggery tart fantastic! Does anybody make jaggery tart?/ What about the spinach on toast , what went into it?

Catching up on 20 odd years which have gone by since we left school. Nothing like sitting down and catching up with someone face to face even with the wonders of e-mail,skype and the web cam.( Age catching up with me, you think?) All of us had stories to tell of significant times in our lives - meeting the significant other/s in our lives, children, much to laugh about, must say we all have a fantastic sense of humour. Our memories are pretty good with T around no fear of forgetting even a teeny weeny detail.How many classmates do you know who can break into song and keep singing song after song. I think we surprised ourselves because we remembered the words of all the songs we chose to sing.
Discussions and tips
Vaastu tip we all took away from this particular discussion - money must be kept in the South West corner of your house.Did I get that right?
To set a perfect bowl of curd/yogurt put in option 1. a whole green chilly, option 2. stalk of the green chilly. Please try both options and see which one works for you.
Need for regular medical check-ups now that the Fabulous Decade lies ahead.
Needless to say with the photographic evidence provided what an important role food plays in all our lives and it won't take much to trigger memories of this weekend - Mysore pak from Sri Krishna Sweets, Kellogg's sugar free cereal and Slim milk, lunch at Fresco's and desserts made by Rahila. Mmmm Yum!
Safe trips home everybody. We're getting together again next year to amaze Thailand!!!!
In the mean time I hope everybody can have a fabulous reunion of some sort its quite something, I like to think of it as a spa for the spirit.


Anonymous said...

Wow embellisher!!!
Methinks you have an alternative career open for writing!!Lovely!
S the hostess this is.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

S non of this would have happened if you didn't open your home to us for the weekend.Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

allie aller said...

Thanks for this view into a very sweet event!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Allison you hit the nail on the head - Girl Power. I think women if they put their mind to it can solve just about anything - world peace requires some urgent attention if you ask me.

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher,

I almost felt like I was there. I agree that a reunion tels so much more than an e-mail or a phone conversation. Thanks for this lovely post.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

You're welcome,Caroline.