Thursday, May 1


Friday's colour is Blue.
There's a lot of blue in the house because I'm partial to blue and white china but I've lately decided to narrow my collection henceforth to include only blue and white china related to tea. The storage, the brewing, the serving and the consumption of tea.

This beautiful tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl are gifts from my sister. A little bit of Red from yesterday has crept into this picture - that's a Burmese lacquer tray.

The Willow plate was before I chose to collect only tea realted blue and white china. This delightful tea mug with a lid was picked up in either Bhutan or Sikkim, I don't remember. What a great idea to have a lid for your mug of tea.

There's a lot more blue in the house.I should have taken a picture of R's office shirts every single one of them has some blue in them.

This has been a great Colour Week. Thank-you Leya. I've discovered more interesting people through their equally interesting blogs which I shall continue to visit. Hope everybody has a great weekend.


pRiyA said...

oooo, this is great. i liked your blue and orange best of all.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I enjoyed colour week.Good to see Big Fat Brekkie up and running again.

Anonymous said...

Such nostalgia (and that itsy bitsy uneasy thrill)at seeing the elephants and the flame of the forest. Lovely pictures. Hope the Nilgiris was fun.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The Nilgiris was a wonderful break.Speak to you soon.