Tuesday, May 13

Night Blossom

A thoughtful young boy who came to visit last week spent over five minutes contemplating the picture before he asked if it had been published in the Open Sesame section of The Deccan Herald a couple of weeks back.I was surprised and delighted.
I'm certain its the illustration which gave added meaning and character to the short story it accompanied and it will keep the story fresh in the reader's memory long after.
All through history its the pictures and visuals which speak to us more eloquently than words.I was drawn to the intense gaze of tiny Night Blossom with her green hair,there's nothing airy-fairy about her, she means business.
The artist who's illustrations provoke lively discussion or thoughtful contemplation is Priya , whose other thought provoking views and visuals may be viewed here and here.
Thanks Priya for the illustration. Once this piece graces my living room walls there will be no awkward silences during conversations and I'm sure I can report to you what a conversation piece it has become.


pRiyA said...

i am touched by the fact that the boy remembered the picture. it is incidents like this that makes illustrating a story worthwhile.
i am glad i gave you this illustration that you liked so much.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture - i love the colours, and the fairy is compelling

Timaree said...

That is a very nice picture. It's really neat that a little boy paid enough attention to pick it out.

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher,
I love this image. That's the kind of image I strive to create -- something that strikes the unconscious and is accessible (spelling?) to all.

Your previous post just bowled me over! I want to reach into the computer screen and touch the pages and see how heavy the book it. You know, I use so much crayon that my sketchbooks are actually heavy.

Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

Lucky you:-) I have been wanting Priya's illustrations for a while now;-))

Thanks for dropping by at my blog:-)

Awaiting your 'Chai pic' contribution:-))


Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Crayons,Priya sure is a talented artist.The book which is a result of the TIF challenge is not heavy at all but it will be large as in volume. Which leads me to ask are you compiling your posts into a book? That would be interesting ,a different take on the artist's book.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi there Arch,Working on the chai pic. to send to you- decisions, decisions, decisions.
Thanks for visiting.

kate smudges said...

When I first saw this picture, I thought that must be Priya's work. No wonder the little boy recognised the picture - Night Blossom is unforgettable. You are so fortunate to have this.