Tuesday, May 6

A new Avatar

I thought Million Little Stitches could do with a make over and tah-dah a brand new avatar. What do you think?

While watching Click on BBC this afternoon I got to hear about a site where you read stories, so I checked it out and was hooked. Storytelling wedded to information technology can be fantastic. The site where it all happens is http://www.wetellstories.co.uk/ I read/viewed ( what's the right terminology?) The 21 Steps.

Another event which a number of you must already know about is the Beadwork Magazine Juried International Exhibition. Read all about it here . What's exciting for me is that its international, and this time its to do with books and beads and there's enough time to consider participating.I'm going to give it a shot.

"About the competition: To celebrate our love affair with books and beads, Beadwork announces our sixth international juried competition and exhibition: The Beaded Book! The Beaded Book is bound to bring out your creative genius. Alter a book, re-create a favorite character, bead a page of text, or make whatever your imagination can conjure up relating to beads and books. Show us your passion for books and beads in one creative effort. We can’t wait to see how you combine glitterati with literati! The winning entries will be published in a gallery in Beadwork magazine and the actual works will be exhibited at Bead Expo Santa Fe in March 2009 and Bead Fest Philadelphia in August 2009."
I couldn't resist this picture. A flower bed full of summer blooms in Coonoor Club. More pictures of the gorgeous dahlias at the club in another post. The Dahlias on the banner of my blog is from the Coonoor Club garden. Just fantastic.


pRiyA said...

i LOVE your blog's new red outfit. i was wondering where the heck you got those dahlia shots from, then flowers, then i read the entry and i thought, 'why of course, coonoor!' what fun!
love the elephant shots too.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I'm glad you like the new red avatar.Those Dahlias are simply unbelievable.The night safari was even better but no shots of the lone tuskers and bison.