Thursday, April 10

The Patchwork Garment

Here's an update of the patchwork and black work garment I'm making. Lots of pinning and tacking and then chain stitching together of patches.
Interesting rust patterns as a result of wrapping the fabric around a tangled strip of metal. The diagonal rust lines remind me of the coat of a marmalade cat.
That's the front of the garment. Its got a square neckline seemed the natural choice because my patches are rectangles and squares. I'm having second thoughts about the blackwork sprinkled inbetween...... kind of gets lost, so I'm thinking of doing away with it. What do you think?
That's as far as I've got. Part of the back has been assembled and joined to the front. This picture makes no sense I'm sure and I'm not going to try and unravel the mystery because I've tried typing out a couple of explanations but they make no sense. So I'll say no more and hope the picture speaks to you!!!!
More patches of rust and tea will be required for the sleeves.

How has the week been? It's hot here, the fans are running at top speed. Hoping for some showers to cool the place down. Have a great weekend.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Maya, this is gorgeous!!! love all the muted tones and textures... and the piecing.. This fabric would look wonderful made into almost anything!!!
Oh and the weather here is trying to be springlike... be much better when all the remainder of the snow disappears. my poor daffodils are 2" tall and shivering..

Anonymous said...

I love the black work! It is like little treasures. You have to look for them but worth the a look. Diane

Cindy Cooksey said...

The fabrics are wonderful! I love the random way you are piecing them. They will make a special garment.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Maya, this is gorgeous, and I like the blackwork, too. It adds a focal point here and there without being "too much." Either way, the stitching and muted colors are wonderful...